Win at the Norwegian Championships:)

I ran the 1500 meters at the Norwegian Championships this weekend.

Coming off a hard training period in St Moritz I waited until last minute to decide whether or not to run the 15 or the 5000, but in the end I felt more comfortable getting…

in some faster laps in the 15.

The field took off at fine steady pace, hitting the 400 in 59. One of the younger and quite talented athletes had the lead helping the field getting stretched out. After about 450 I took over the stayed in front for the remaining of the race. With about 250 to go I slowly pulled away from the last runner that had managed to stick with me. I got 3.41 and the next runner finished in a nice 3.44 – almost getting a pr. It is good to see that the other runners are challenging you like this – it is the way you have to go to get one step further.

I was feeling fresh, strong and comfortable throughout the race. Since Rome the 2nd of July I have run one single track session of intervalls (this last Monday). With all the mileage in there I was hoping to run around 3.40 to 3.42 in such a morning race. This provided me with good information that I am ready to taper for real now before Athens 🙂

Back in Oslo again,