Cross country race this weekend

We went out to Kip Keinos farm this weekend to watch the final of the Energizer cross country series. The huge field had good talents, but as I have pointed out before the quality seems to be slightly decreasing for every year that goes by. For…

example Abraham Cherono won the 12 km race with a HUGE margine. Even though he has placed high in the World Cross before and is a decent steepler it would be expected that the field was a bit closer.

I have had a great week of practice. I was left very tired on Thursday but had two days of fast running after that – with once again fresh legs. In total I managed to do all the work planned. Usually I have to cut a session down because of the tight and hard schedule but this week I got through all the hard work.

Some of the other Norwegians have left for Norway now. I will stay here a total of six weeks so I was the first to come and will be the last to go back home again. Six weeks may seem long but when you know what weather you have back in Norway compared to here……:)

I was only doing easy running yesterday and could have gone on a trip with some of the others down here to look at some wildlife (mini-safari) about 3 hours drive away. But I have been on similar trips before so I stayed in Eldoret. Thankfully… because the car broke down on the way and they had to get back with a lorry that came by (sitting on the outside and freezing at night). And the safari ? They saw about three animals and that was including a squirrel on the way back :)) Poor guys, next time they should head for Masai Mara or Serengeti national park instead…

All going well in Eldoret,