In Norway again – great session today

I am back in Norway again after the altitude stay in Kenya. To my surprise, I was feeling great on the easy morning session today – my first session after I came down. So I decided to do a real session this evening. I did, and was flying. Never…

experienced it before, as I normally feel lousy the days after I come down. But I am starting to see a pattern in this : I am getting so used to altitude now, that it takes extremely short time to get used to it when I go up, and I feel better and better sooner and sooner when I come down. That is a good indication that my body is adapting to the altitude training well. Times and results on quality sessions always tell the truth.

I came back in perfect timing for the Norwegian spring. When I left a bit over 2 weeks ago, the forest paths were covered with snow. Now the snow is gone, and I can once again run on the nice, soft cinder there. Right outside where I live (50 meters) the forest areas start, and nice, wide cinder paths stretch hundreds of km into the forest. Quite unique for a capital like Oslo. And only 300 meters away is a nice outdoor track, and 500 meters away is the Top Athletics Center with treadmills, test-labs, physioterapists/doctors and excellent training facilities. Just the perfect place to be for a runner in the spring/summer and fall… Kenya is perfect in the winter.