In Norway again

miles). So I do my long distance runs there, and the faster stuff on the treadmill. Works great. Of course not like Kenya, but it has a special charm to it.

Testing will of course be a major part of the next four weeks before I go back to Kenya. Since I will be using altitude throughout the season this year, it is extremely important for me to map the days I performs the best after an altitude stay. I see a very clear pattern already, after the previous stays, but I want to be 100 % sure that this goes for every time – almost no matter what the circumstances are.

Frank Evertsen takes a major part in this, of course, and monitors everything in detail. I would say he is one of few who has knowledge of every one of the core areas to help an athlete perform well…..he has a Ph.d. (Dr.Scient) in Exercise Physiology on the topic going something like “Optimale traning intensity for endurance athletes – with cross country skiers in particular”, he has only 2 semesters left of Medical School that he studied at the same time (took 5 ½ years of it, but didn’t have time to finish), he has several years of experience in the Olympiatoppen (Norwegian Olympic Sports Development), and a backgroup as an athlete himself. Plus he is young (only 34) with an extreme instinct for new ideas and concepts. On top of that he is a practical person who get things done, and knows how to take 100 % care of his athletes. I am extremely lucky to work with such a person, and the challenging work we do is nothing but inspiring.

This week will be an easy one. I can go right up into altitude and train hard from day one, because my body handles altitude well. But I have to be disciplined when I come down. So I listen to my body and take one day at a time for the first 7 days.