Kip Keino, Tergat and Barmasai..

Another interesting day….together with Henrik and Michael, two of the other athletes down here, I took a walk down the main street of Eldoret today, just to look around. So we took a look into the Kip Keino Sportstore….and guess who was in there…

serving customers….Kipchoge Keino, the legendary Olympic Champ from 1968, and one of the most respected men in Kenya. Now an IOC member representing Kenya, a owner of several farms and businesses……and you find him, in the little store in Eldoret, serving the regular customer πŸ™‚ Should illustrate the Kenyan down to earth mentality. We had a nice chat with him – I have met him before and Henrik stayed at his farm for training last winter. He was saying that the store was not going so well at the moment, as people in Eldoret did not participate in much sports other than running…and running you could do barefoot :))) But the selling of regular notebooks at the back of the store was going great, so that kept business going πŸ™‚

Then we went back to the small hotel we are staying at to find World Record holder in the steeplechase, Bernhard Barmasai eating lunch…before going over to the hotel across the street almost bumping into Paul Tergat who was in town on the way to a visit to the Kenyan National Cross camp….small place, this running-town..

I am moving up to higher altitude tomorrow again. That way I get two things : more stress on the body, and some cheap nights…..going back and forth to Kenya all the time is quite expensive, so living a little simple for periods of time, helps me save up money for the next trip πŸ™‚

Gotta go now. Tired, but still going strong,