Up and down after altitude : )

I have (once again) been experiencing the rollercoaster feeling you get after the arrival to sea level post-altitude. Some days you feel great, some days you feel lousy. And to sum it up – you just know that you have to keep your head cool until…

your body is stable enough to absorb the training again. I have done so much good training so far this year and there is no need to push it through this period.

Even the Kenyans, even those who have lived at high altitude for all their lives get this down when they first go to Europe and sea level. Really strange. But you get a great lift after that. Where you feel that you can run hard every day, twice a day 🙂

Very easy session of intervalls on the treadmill this morning. Only 12 km total intervall distance at a comfortable pace. Low AT zone. I have to keep my legs going and get some breathing in there just to keep the system happy. Motto is to do as little as possible without losing condition.

All going well here in Norway !