1 1/2 weeks until the travel down to Australia

It is now only 1 ½ week until I travel down to Brisbane for precamp. As my training is progressing very well, and my body feels surprisingly (in late August) light and ready, I am starting to count down for the competition down there.

I have…

also spend time lately, analyzing my test results in practice and the entries from different countries in the 5000 and 10000 meters. This, because I want to make a decision on what distance to run before I leave Norway. At the moment it looks like the 5000 meter and the 10000 meter both will have prelims (heats) and a finale. In the World Champs last year, the 10000 meter was a direct finale. In Atlanta, they even had two rounds in the 5000 meter before the finale.

I am also happy that Johnny Høgseth, my personal expert on muscle treatment and muscle tension is ready for Sydney. His special treatment will make my legs 100 % ready to race and recoveries between sessions is dramatically decreased when he works with my legs. To have him down, together with Per Halle, helps me relax and feel comfortable. Per has been with me since I was 14, and his experience from the Olympics himself (7th 5000 m. 1972) will be helpful. He is one of the few people I really listen to when it comes to training and adjustments, and when the nerves and tension before the Olympics competitions start to come, he is a good person to have there to calm you down and make you focus. Both Johnny and Per will travel to Australia the 13th of September, when I have adjusted to the time difference and I am ready to do the last hard sessions before the competitions.

So all well with me, as the travel down to Australia is getting closer !

Back in Oslo again – school has started…

I am now back in Oslo, and have started the fall semester at the University of Oslo (political science major). It is a nice break in the day to go to lectures, and just get away from the practice situation and the intense planning up to the…

Olympics. There, I can relax and focus on something totally different.

My training is still going well. I am in a period of intense tempo training now, and will continue this until the travel down to Australia, early in September. As an old middle distance runner, I can feel that my body responds very well to the hard 300 meter reps and short speed training. My times in these sessions look very much like those I had as an 800 meter runner, only now I have way better endurance. I combine these 300 m. reps. with race pace 5/10000 meter training in the same session (plus my endurance work, of course) In this way I teach my body to run at race pace with high level of lactic acid in my legs. This anaerobic work is needed when you want to peak as a long distance runner, but you have to limit it to only a few weeks each year, otherwise your endurance will suffer from it.

I can feel Sydney getting closer now, and I cannot wait to get down there. Up to now, my preparations have gone well, but there still is alot of time up to the Games. So every day is a challenge and every detail has to be right before I am on the starting line in Sydney !

5000 or 10000 meter in the Olympics ?

To my surprise, there has been alot of focus on my choice of distance in the Sydney Olympics. I have qualified so I can choose between both distances. On this web page and to the media in general I have been very clear on this decision : I will not…

take it until right around the 1st of September. There are several reasons for this, the main ones being : 1) I am still in a period of training where I am testing my body on different paces, to find out what distance is best – the 5000 meter or the 10000 meters. This includes lactic acid test as well as “pace charts” (20×400 m. at 10000 m. pace translated into a certain time in the 10000 meters etc.) 2) by the beginning of September I will know what athletes are entered in what distance.

Apparently, however, the largest newspaper in Norway, VG, has already taken that decision for me. In todays paper, they state that I will run the 5000 meters down there. The source for this is “VG has knowledge of” 🙂 Well, it seems like it is very easy to take that kind of shortcuts, when you want things “exclusive” :-). But, once again : my choice of distance (I will myself have the final word in that decision, of course) will be decided around the 1st of September. I need to have all the facts on the table before doing so, so I can make a wise choice. And : until the day before the 10000 m. heats (22.Sept), I will be listed on both distances so in theory I have both options open all the way through.

Well, all from me here in Steinkjer and the Norwegian Championships.
1500 meters coming up tomorrow ! Khalid Skah is racing it as well. Talked to him yesterday, and he is in good shape !

Norwegian Championships up next

I am now preparing for the Norwegian Championships next weekend, where I will run the 1500 meter. My training is going well, though I am extremely tired after some very long hard training sessions since the Bislett Games. This is my last chance to…

get myself to another level before Sydney, so the tiredness is just something I have to take. I will train hard through the Norwegian championships, and up to the travel to Brisbane (precamp) the 9th of September. Because of jetleg, I will lose some days of training there, and that will suit well into a training program where I build mileage now. The planning process up to Sydney is closely monitored by Per Halle, Peter Coe and Frank Evertsen. With that kind of advisors (and they work very well together) I hope to hit the perfect peak for Sydney. This will be a long season, but mentally I am still fresh and looking forward to racing down there. That is extremely important, and one way of staying fresh is to limit the racing in August, like I am doing right now.

From Sandefjord,

Going into a training period now

I have now started my last heavy training period before Sydney. Because I needed the qualifying mark of 13.20 to run there, I had to get in an early “sub” peak in late June. That is when I ran in Rome. I kept that peak until the Bislett Games,…

through the European Cup. Now I feel it is time to rebuild. I have raced every month except March this year, and to be best prepared for Sydney I have to do some top-up training weeks, to ensure a steady buildup before the races down there. Then I can taper once I arrive Sydney (will go down the 9th of Sept) If I used August to only race, that would not be possible. I am not into the first week of heavy mileage and will continue that for another week until I start some more speed oriented work.

Just a short report from me, here in Sandefjord,

5000 meter at the Bislett Games : 13.14.63

Well, about 6 hours since the race here in Oslo and I have had some time now to analyze it. My splits looked like this (for 1000s) 2.37-2.35 (5.12)-2.44 (7.55.9)-2.42-2.38. Right before the race, 3 Europeans and two African runners who were suppose…

to be in the 13.10-15 range withdrew. I was then left with 16 sub 13.05 men (mostly Kenyans) and only one person with a Pr slower then my 13.11. The pace was very quick from the beginning, and as you can see from the spilts I had to push the pace already from the start. In Rome I had 5.18 at the 2000 meter and 7.58 at the 3000 m. so I was already at the 2000 meter mark up 6 seconds on that time. But the whole field was way ahead of me then, and I was basically running by myself, trying to keep up the pace and rhytme. It is brutal to run 7.55 at the 3000 meter and see the field in passing at 7.44 in front of you 🙂 THAT says something about the level of the field staged at the Bislett Games. It was just incredible. I had to really work the last 2000 meters, but I kept my head into it. I am satisfied with the 13.14. It proves to me that my 13.11 in Rome was not a one time thing. Last year I did 13.22 at Bislett, this year 8 seconds faster. So I am getting closer ! Anyways, it was a great experience for me, running in such a strong field. Next year I am ready to knock off some more seconds. Until then I will focus on the Olympics and be happy about two races under my goal for this season : running 13.15. All from me now. Have to get some sleep and get ready to practice tomorrow !

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Bislett Games homepage : Bislett Games


3 days until Bislett

Wish me good luck. All is well, but I can feel the race getting very, very close. So all energy for racing from now on ! I will get back to you people after the race – and be on the net sometime that same night. I run at 20.40 Norwegian time. So…

here I go again – another race against the big dogs 🙂

5 days until Bislett

Not alot of time left before the Bislett Games. Now is the time to get my muscles ready to race. Tomorrow I will have some special treatment on my legs/quads by Johnny Høgseth who I work closely with. I will do so about every day now before Fridays…

meet. There is no need to push your body any more, so close to a race. You have done your work, now it is only time to get your legs fine tuned to really race, and your mind ready for the pain the race will give you…but the better you are prepared, the less pain you have to go through 🙂 All is well with me – 5 days to go..


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One week to the Bislett Games !

One week to go. Not much new, really. All my training is still going well. I have cut down on the work on my internet site now, to just focus before Bislett 5000 m. Now, my time is spent on conserving energy. I can feel the race getting closer….

Tomorrow I have an interview with the P4 radio at 4.30 pm, but I try to put most longer interviews (Sydney stuff etc) off until after Bislett. Having appointments every day adds to the daily stress, and that is something you get enough of before such a major race, especially when it is in your home country. So I have people to take care of that now. My mobile phone is mostly turned off, and the person responsible for the press in Norwegian athletics takes care of those things. That works much better then doing it all yourself. You simply need all the time you can get to find the right racing mood, and get your body “ready for battle” (words of Mr.Coe 🙂 ) That’s about all from me today. All well, a week before the race.

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9 days until Bislett :-)

It is now only 9 days until the Bislett Games and the 5000 meter there. Today I was one of the athletes on a press-conference for the meet, together with Trine Hattestad (WR Javelin earlier this year) and Geir Moen (European 200 m.Champ’94)….

Lots of questions from the press about what I expect from the race. It is 9 days to go, and my goal in the race is to go out outside of trouble (in Rome I had 2.36 at the first 1000 m.and was dead last – but people died…) and stay focused the whole way. Last year was so much fun, with the homecrowd and the Bislett Stadium, which is FANTASTIC to run on. Those laps there go by so quickly ! Long straightaways,and short curves. Perfect for the long distances. Ever since I was 12 years old and ran my first meet at Bislett, I have loved that stadium. So I expect to do the right tactical things there, and have fun when I race. I have already achieved a time this year, that I am satisfied with, so I really have nothing to lose. Sydney is the most important thing for me now, but Bislett Games will be a great experience for me on the way. With a field of 20 runners, and 17 of them with stronger times then me……that means go-go-go from the gun. I cannot wait !!!! My last track session was today. All is well, but the real racing form comes 3-4 days before. THAT is when you are ready for some real racing, nice and rested. Well, people, I will write some more in a few days. Meanwhile, follow the daily news on this site ! Kenyan trials coming up – I am glad I do not have to do those to qualify. …..last time I raced in Kenya I was 36th in a local cross country race :-))

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